Songs of my Year

So Dave Mustaine got me thinking. I haven’t written about any music on this here blog. So I decided to throw up some YouTube videos of what I consider to be the top songs of the last year. Well, the top songs that I discovered last year, that is. Some of these are older than a year, some of them have been released within the past year and others have just been released in 2007. But this is my year and if I haven’t heard a song, it’s new to me. Also, a couple of the videos may not be official videos, they may be live, or they may be some crappy/sappy fan tribute video that YouTube is so famous for.

So without further ado, my favorite songs of my last year of music:

John Frusciante – Omission

TV on the Radio – Staring at the Sun

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One Comment on “Songs of my Year”

  1. fact sports Says:

    Guess who just brightened up my day? 🙂 Thanks a lot!

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